Our journey begins…

In less than two weeks, our journey begins. We begin with some family visits in Brazil, followed by……the world!  😊

Please join us as we photograph and attempt to properly describe the journey. Enjoy!


  1. Awesome! I am excited for you both and know I share this with Pedro’s Mother and family in Brazil. It goes without saying you will both be missed here while you are enjoying the trip of a life time. Hugs

  2. So glad we got to visit with you before the big trip. Have a great time! Bon voyage.
    Hope we get to meet you somewhere before the trip ends too.
    Rick and Johnny

  3. Go! Go! Go! while you are still young and enjoy every moment. Looking forward to your photos of places I’ve not been.
    Be Patient The Best Things Happen Unexpectedly.

  4. You are hitting my memory button with talk about wonderful loving grandmothers. One whose wedding ring I wear every day. The inscription inside says one heart one mind one destiny. My grand father belived that when two people got married there life became one. Here’s to you wonderful life and all its adventures.

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