Cartagena, Colombia

So after almost 4 weeks in Medellin, Pedro and I decided to check out the beach town of Cartagena, Colombia, located on the northern coast of Colombia, about an hours flight from Medellin.  It is a walled city and has two prominent areas: old and new, with the later being nick-named “little Miami”.  It definitely reminds one of Miami from the water.

Pedro booked us a beautiful hotel named Casa del Coliseo which we would highly recommend for its central location, beautiful accommodations, and wonderfully helpful staff.

The weather was hot and humid, much like a summer in Fort Lauderdale, so we felt much like we were at home!  We didn’t get to try out the beach as weather wasn’t the best but we did enjoy several nice restaurants, walking around the city streets, and taking a siesta here and there.

Without taking anything away from Cartagena, we were thrilled to get back to Medellin as we both are finding our time here so agreeable (weather, people, first-world amenities, proximity to the USA, cost of living, etc.). While we have no plans for taking up residence during our multi-year, round-the-world travels, Medellin would absolutely be first on our list as of now.

Our friends Mike & Ray join us in less than 2 weeks; it will great to catch up with good friends and see what their impressions are of this beautiful city and country.

Until next time….


  1. Don’t get too comfortable that far from all of us. But those shots of your room look very inviting. The old quarter of the city is so beautiful with all the colored housed and beautiful balconies. Murray

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