Another birthday? ­čś│

It happens to all of us. ┬áJust when you’ve had enough time to put the last one behind you, low and behold, another pops up in its place, bigger and larger then the last one! ┬áLucky for me, Pedro is more then happy to keep me entertained and busy on my special day! ┬áHaving arranged a mariachi band at the house year, the bar had been set VERY high for Pedro. ┬áHe definitely did not disappoint!


A quick stop off at one of the best viewing spots of Medellin!

We started the day with an ATV ride through the countryside of Medellin.

Followed that a lovely lunch with our favorite tour guide, Erica (included in our lunch pic)!  Thank you Erica for helping make my day so special.

Then we went for a beautiful horseback ride through another part of the city.  And let me tell you, my Brazilian cowboy (Pedro) certainly knows how to ride!

After returning home, Pedro warned me we had to be ready to leave the apartment by 730p for dinner.  After a full day of activities, staying home sounded perfect.  Anticipating my every want, Pedro had arranged for one of the finest chefs in Medellin to come into the apartment and prepare a romantic, gourmet dinner for just the two of us!  What a way to cap off a wonderful birthday celebration.

Thank you to all who made my special day, so special, especially to my husband for his tireless efforts to always make me feel so special!


  1. Wow. I have to say wow. Pedro you did it again. I hope Curtis didn’t see this because I have some big shoes to fill. Lol. Love you both. Happy Birthday. See yal soon.

  2. Feliz Compleanos Lance!!!! All I want for my birthday is a weekend at the “Grande Casa — you know which one I’m talking about” LOLOL

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