So Pedro and I landed in Barcelona a few weeks ago.  We were greeted by beautiful weather, a nice Airbnb near Sargrada Familia, and a region a bit in chaos due to the pending referendum of independence by the Catalonia people.  We will try and steer clear of politics, especially in a foreign land, but suffice it to say that the disruption and pending conflict made us shorten our time here and push on to Paris a little ahead of schedule (more on Paris in our next post).

While in Barcelona, we enjoyed a great air, land and sea tour of the city.  During our tour we met a fellow journeyman named Patricia Watts.  Patricia is a lovely woman from NY who lives in DC, works at the State Department, and travels as much as anyone we know.  In addition to her outward beautify, she is truly a beautiful person on the inside and while I still can’t believe it, a mom and grandmother!  As you will see from our pics, the three of us became fast friends and we had the delight of spending an afternoon over food and drink at the Barcelona port.


We continued our exploration of Barcelona for several days of walking the city, stopping at a few cafes, and enjoying some of the restaurants Pedro found for us.  We will be back to Barcelona in a few weeks and joined by Miss Nancy and Dr Alan for a Mediterranean cruise.  But, we’ll have to report on Paris & Lisbon before that!  More to come as next week as we leave Paris…


  1. Oh I love this blog…..makes me warm on the inside and shine bright on the outside. Good luck you guys….I miss you sooooo much!

  2. Yes it is a wonderful city with lots of great Architecture don’t miss the park by Gaudy. Missed you two on the Source Events trip. Murray

  3. Olá Pedro e Lance , vocês estão bem ? deu tudo certo no voo de Recife !! O navio sem vocês perdeu a graça . Sentimos a falta de vocês !! Queremos agradecer por tudo , fizemos o Tour de Salvador foi muito bom !! , tiramos fotos , em breve encaminho ok!. Beijo no Coração , vocês são incríveis .

    Marta Farah

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