Ooh la la…Paris!!!

Wow, what can you say about Paris that hasn’t already been said, sung, or photographed?  Although this was my fifth visit, and Pedro’s first, this was my first trip with the person I love.  Hard to do, but it made Paris all the more special.

The city itself is just so beautiful. Hard to walk down any street and not find something interesting to stop and see, taste and eat, or just pause and think of the amazing history this city has witnessed.

Pedro surprised me with a few entertainment venues including Le Lido, a cabaret and burlesque show on the Champs-Elysees for more then 70 years.  I’m glad he surprised me with it as I probably would have poo-pooed that one.  But so glad he did as we both thoroughly enjoyed the show.  Worth a visit next time you’re in Paris.  We also did a tour of the Eiffel Tower and a Seine River dinner cruise.  Only Paris could out do Paris, and nighttime is simply magical.

You cannot forget about the food.  Although I would prefer to forget about the escargot (we call that snails in South Georgia) and frog legs that Pedro was happy to gobble up like a proper Parisian!  Those two items aside, we had some amazing meals and probably visited two or three cafes each day (Pedro for the coffees, me for some delicious hot chocolate).  Yummy!


Sorry for the late post.  Paris visit dates October 3 – October 11, 2017.

Will post our Lisbon trip as soon as we can.  We’re back in Barcelona and ready for a cruise with Ms Nancy (Mom) this weekend!  All the best!

Lance & Pedro


  1. So happy I received this blog today! After a long hard day at work I got to reminisce on my journey home!!! I did a lot of smiling and envision myself there sitting right in the middle of y’all eating those snails 🐌 and legs!!! I definitely have to do the burlesque show next time…I always skipped it. Ok I can’t wait until the next journey ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Aí pedro e lance…. simplismente encantador o lugar… da vontade de está aí!!! Tudo parece transmitir riqueza romance… sem explicação!!!

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