One year on…

Lance & Pedro in Funchel

So it has been a little over a year now, June 10, 2017, that Pedro and I decided to begin our worldwide journey.  And while we haven’t seen the whole world (yet!) we have been privileged to visit 47 places in 9 countries.  We have now taken a pause to visit “home” to see our family and friends, and get a few things done (yes, taxes must still be filed even when you aren’t living in your home country!)

We spent our first year traveling extensively through central and South America, Europe, and enjoyed 3 cruises.  While we have seen a lot, we have SO MUCH MORE to see including Asia, Africa, the Arctics, and much more travel in Europe, and even a few more places in the Americas.  It has been a wonderful year and we hope you have enjoyed virtually sharing it with us!

We begin our next journey in mid-July with a short stopover in London, followed by a 2 week tour, including a safari, in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana.  We are joining our friends Craig and Rafael of SourceEvents along with several new friends on this once-in-a-lifetime trip.  Look for some great pictures of Victoria Falls and hopefully some up close and personal wildlife.

Afterwards, Pedro and I will be spending an extended amount of time in Lisbon, Portugal, which we are proud to share with you, will be our new home!  As several observant friends figured out beforehand, we have taken an apartment in the beautiful city of Lisboa (Lisbon) and plan to live in Lisbon for an undetermined amount of time.  Once we complete our residence process we will be back on the road traveling again with an emphasis on Europe and Asia.  More to come on this later…

In the meantime don’t let the grass grow under your feet and remember, “Not all those who wander are lost.”

All the very best!
Lance & Pedro


    1. Hi Shari. Sorry just figured out how to respond to comments on our blog (wordpress). We ended up postponing Africa this year in order to get settled into Lisbon (but when you posted this we hadn’t yet revealed our true plans for Portugal). Since we discovered Lisbon together on our first trip, and about put all of us in the hospital with that HUGE mountain climb to dinner, I hope we get a chance to show you what we’ve learned on a future trip of yours and Richards! 😂👍😁

  1. You will love the South Africa Trip and be sure and do the helicopter flight over the falls its so beautiful and lots of fun. Keep on traveling its one mind opening experience after another! Travel makes you a better citizen of our world.

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