Playa del Carmen, Mexico

We had the joy of spending another birthday with Miss Nancy (Mom) at her favorite beach town, Playa del Carmen. We spent our mornings exploring 5th Avenue, the Main Street full of restaurants, shops, and curio stands.

It is definitely warm even in February so most of our afternoons were at our Airbnb talking, playing cards, and having mom kick our butts at dominoes. Plus mom took in a massage on the ocean every other day, which according to her, was worth braving the heat for.

One day we took the ferry over to Cozumel for a classic beachside lunch. The locals are so friendly that once they realized we were celebrating Moms birthday, they came and joined in with the waiters singing happy birthday (in Spanish of course).

At night we took some fine dining all preplanned for us by Pedro. They definitely have some nice restaurants around the area.

Finally, we once again took in the Cirque de Solei show Goya which is a unique dining and show experience, the only one I’m aware of in the family of Cirque shows. We all noticed different elements to the show so even though it was familiar, there were enough different parts to still make it fresh.

You may have noticed the powered scooter we rented in some of the pictures. She is still very mobile but found the power scooter very handy for navigating long journeys and rough terrains. We feel very fortunate that mom continues to enjoy travel and is very excited to take in new sights. Our next journey together is a cruise to the Greek isles in late May.

But next up on our travel schedule: Brazil and a Transatlantic crossing from Rio back home to Lisboa on the Azamara Pursuit. We are excited to try this brand and a smaller ship. More on that journey in our next post.

In the meantime, keep traveling!

Original travel dates: Feb 22 – Mar 1, 2019


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