Adios Medellin…Hola Barcelona!

With only 3 days left of our Colombian journey, Pedro and I are starting our departure preparations and beginning to look forward to our next destination, Barcelona, Spain.

We had the true pleasure of being joined for an extended visit, thanks to hurricane Irma, by our good friends Mike & Ray. M&R were equally enchanted with this beautiful city, its high standard of living, friendly people, and low costs.  Feeling almost like locals, Pedro and I showed Mike & Ray what our 6 weeks had been liked going to restaurants, malls, the gym, and even a special haircut for the boys!

We also did a day long city tour, provided by LatinHosts ( and happy to recommend them) which included a city tour  to the botanical garden:

A cable car ride up the mountain to a community where many of the city workers live.  The city installed the cable car to help ease the trip up and down the hill for these folks:

And a visit to the Museum of Antioqui,  home of many wonderful pieces by Fernando Botero, native of Medellin, who donated indoor and outdoor sculptures and many works of art:

Capped by a trip to the hilltop of Pueblito Paisa, an example of the original town squares in Medellin, and what an incredible view of Medellin from this mountain.


As Mike & Ray were preparing for their return to Fort Lauderdale, Pedro and I took in another tour with LatinHosts, with our favorite guide Erica, to the city of Guatape.

One of the main attractions in Guatape is El Penon de Guatape, or “The Rock”.  740 steps to the top, and no, there is no elevator.  From the top, the views are amazing (or so we hear 😉).


Guatape itself is a quaint town with colorful painted homes and zocalos, little signs indicating the type of business or family that lives behind its doors.  We took in some lunch, a couple of drinks, a little live music, and a ride in the MotoRaton (Motor Rat).  😁  It was a GREAT day!

As we leave Medellin I must say this city, and especially its people, have etched a memory in our heart and mind that will not soon be forgotten.  We look forward to returning and who knows, maybe staying even longer.

We ❤️ Medellin!






  1. Looks like an incredible place. How nice M&R could stay for an extended time (even though not planned).
    Love reading about your adventures , and seeing the pictures. Miss and love y’all. Travel Safe. 😎

  2. Where’s pics of the 13 course meal and don’t tell me ya’ll didn’t go up the El Penon!!!! LOLOL —

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