Milan & Lake Como, Italy

It would be understandable if after viewing our cover photo you thought “uh oh, Lance & Pedro got their pictures mixed up and put Paris in the Milan photo folder” but you would be mistaken! ūüėĀ

I had visited Milan once before but never had a chance to visit their canals so Pedro and I promised we wouldn’t miss them this trip. ¬†Although pretty cold in early November, ¬†Pedro and I walked around the city, discovering things along the way including the beautiful canals of Milan! The Navigli¬†District is absolutely gorgeous! ¬†You find yourself thinking “wait a minute, we aren’t in Venice!” ¬†But what a beautiful place to spend the afternoon, walking, having a coffee, a snack and later lunch. ¬†Cafes and shops line the canals and the further your walk the less city and the more nature you encounter.


After a few days of exploring the city we took a day trip to Lake Como! ¬†Without a doubt ¬†one of the most beautiful places either of us have yet to visit. ¬†Look at those snow capped mountains and the lake surrounded by beautiful villas. ¬†The funicular ride was a special treat (have a seat and watch a time-lapse video of the ride up the mountain!). We also took a boat ride to see the homes and the lake. ¬†Just beautiful! ¬†We are already making plans on a summer return with an extended stay! ¬† Hopefully, we will hear back from our good friend Judge Judy on her travel dates so we can coordinate a dinner together! ūüėČ



We managed a little bit of shopping (Pedro’s trusted suitcase lost a wheel so a replacement was in order, well two actually, and of course in Red!). ¬†Didn’t see any broken sunglass, but he managed a new pair of Ray-bans just in case! ¬†We were surprised to find my favorite dessert in the world (Acai from Brazil) and somehow managed NOT to take one of those sheets of chocolate out of the store! ¬†And I should mention, the people in Milan, are just wonderful. Very friendly, helpful, and pleasant. ¬†After our very enjoyable time, it was time to leave, but not before one last generous pour of some tasty Italian Vino!



Off to Madrid…until next time!!!!

Original Visit Dates:  Nov 7 Р15, 2017


  1. Wish I was with you two! Milan looks so inviting I’ll add it to my list. Lake Como I remember as being stunningly beautiful. Yes it’s worth returning for a summer stay. Especaly if George is in residence.

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