Medellin, Colombia

Wow, what an amazing city!  Pedro and I had read so many wonderful things about Medellin that I was determined to control both of our expectations before arriving.  The ultimate optimist, Pedro assured me we would not only like Medellin but we would LOVE it.  He wins again!  “The city of eternal spring” has certainly not disappointed.

We are here for 2 months and couldn’t be happier with our temporary home.  Joining us for part of our stay our are dear friends Mike & Ray followed by Peter & Victor.  What better then to be far away “from home”, in a beautiful city, with close friends.  More posts to come as we continue our adventures.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this video.  Pedro surprised me with a paragliding trip, the first for both of us.  I cannot imagine a more spectacular way to see a city, especially a city as beautiful as Medellin!  Enjoy!

Lance & Pedro


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  1. Fantasticly beautiful and I’m sure lots of fun. One of those adventures you will remember for a life time. You are going to love the ride over Victoria Falls when you go to South Africa.

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